Shri Gajanan Seva Center

Upcoming event: Saturday, 24th July, 2021

Shri Gajanan Maharaj – Guru Pournima Celebration

Shri Gajanan Seva, Bay Area California, will be celebrating the Shri Guru Pournima 2021 on Saturday, 24th July 2021. The center will be open for Darshan. If you would like to visit the center in person for Darshan, please RSVP as it will help Seva parivar to manage and coordinate the event better.

RSVP link:

Note: All necessary precautions will be taken by the Seva parivar, and it would be highly appreciated if you can also follow the guidelines like wearing a mask all the time, washing your hands, sanitizing as and when needed and maintaining social distancing. If you need any help/assistance, please reach out to our team.

Guru Pournima Event will be broadcasted online from 5:30am to 2:30pm from Shri Gajanan Seva Center.

Youtube Live Streaming url –

Shri Gajanan Seva Center:

We are pleased to inform that Shri Gajanan Seva has moved to the new location in the Bay area and Shri Gajanan Maharaj Pratisthapana ritual was performed on 11th July 2021 with limited number of volunteers due to COVID-19 county restrictions. Volunteers worked relentlessly for past few months to make this happen.

Note: Pictures of the Pratisthapana ceremony are available on the Photos link.

Hours of operation: Center is open every Thursday during following hours:

Morning hours: 7:00am to 9.30am

Bhupali Aarti: 7.00am

Shrungar Seva: 7.15am to 8.30am

Aarti: 8.30am

Evening Hours: 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Aarti: 7:30pm

Shejarati: 9:00pm

We are also accepting donations either as one time or monthly recurring donation of any amount. If you would like to help, please visit our Donate page for more information.

We look forward to your devoted support for this initiative and very much appreciate your generous contributions.

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