Shri Gajanan Seva is a non-profit, charitable organization.

As a charitable organization, Shri Gajanan Seva conducts and participates in various activities throughout the year which benefit the community as a whole. Following are the list of activities taken up every year:

  1. Guru Food Drive – Donate food to the underprivileged
  2. Toy Drive – Donate toys underprivileged kids
  3. Cloths drive 

Donate using Amazon

Shri Gajanan Seva is now registered at Whenever you are shopping on Amazon, change your page to “” and select “Shri Gajanan Seva” org. You will get same exact rates and “Shri Gajanan Seva” org will receive 0.5% donation from your purchase.

Our unique charity link is:

Food Drive – 2020

Shri Gajanan Seva concluded 6th annual Food Drive (4th July – 19th July), to benefit our community through donation to Second Harvest Food Bank. With Mauli’s blessings and donations from our very generous Parivar we have donated $3,505 to SHFB!! Jai Gajanan for making this food drive a great success!

Toy Drive – 2019

Total 18 toys were donated by Shri Gajanan Seva organization. Sunnyvale Community Services appreciated our donations and they very are happy and thankful to see us this year again. Your caring support will make a big difference in lives of kids from low income families.

Food Drive – 2019

On GivingTuesday, a global day of giving (Dec 3rd), it is a great pleasure to update on our food drive. Our Seva org collected a total of 1850 pounds of food during this year’s drive! According to Second Harvest Food Bank, this has helped provide 1541 nutritious meals to those in need!
Thanks everyone for your contribution, help and support.

A message from Second Harvest Food Bank says that our partnership is greatly appreciated, and so vital to ensuring that every person that needs a meal can get one. They have asked to extend their heartfelt thanks to all who helped make the drive such a success!

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