Privacy Policy

Shri Gajanan Seva is a non-profit, charitable organization and visiting this website and/or participating in the events conducted by Shri Gajanan Seva, you abide by the policy below.

Information and data collection:

Shri Gajanan Seva does collect email addresses and phone numbers of members during various events. Shri Gajanan Seva does not sell or share any personally identifiable information to any organization or does not use this information for any non Shri Gajanan Seva related activities. This contact information is used only to reach out to the members for upcoming events and no other purpose.


Shri Gajanan Seva sends out communication to members informing about various events that happen throughout the year.

Social media:

Shri Gajanan Seva retains the rights to any video/audio and other media content published during the events undertaken by Shri Gajanan Seva throughout the year and does not grant rights to publish the content without taking permission from Shri Gajanan Seva. By joining the events on Social Media like YouTube, Facebook etc. you grant permission to share the content with non Shri Gajanan Seva members on behalf of Shri Gajanan Seva.

Contact us:

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